Thursday, 22 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - School Daily Routine

For this activity I had to tell what I normally do on a school day. I have written a timetable for what we sometimes do on a school day (we do different activities each day).

8:55 - Roll call
9:00 - Reading
9:45 - Writing
10:30 - Break/Morning Tea
10:50 - Maths
12:30 - Break/Lunch
1:30 - Inquiry
3:00 - Home time


  1. Hi AJ, I like how you put what you do and then putring a time on when you do that thing. Nice Work! Hope to see more Summer Learning Journey Activities!!!!

  2. Hi Aj,

    Like how you used what time we have it also we usually change the timetable right? anyways awesome AJ.


  3. Hi AJ
    Nice timetable on what we do on some days at school. Great to see you remembered it. Keep up the great blogging.

  4. Hi AJ, I agree with Daniel on the timetable it is exactly what we do at in a normal school day. Nice to see you still remember it, I actually forgot when things happen. Keep up the great work AJ!

  5. Hi AJ,

    I am impressed to see that you have remembered exactly what you do on a regular school day at Panmure Bridge School (even though it's now the holiday and you're away from school)!

    Of the topics listed on the timetable, which one is your favourite? I think that I would most enjoy the inquiry topic learning. What was your topic this past year?

    Nice work, AJ. Keep it up! There are four days left in the Summer Learning Journey so there is lots of time left to complete the programme. You can do it!

    Rachel :)