Thursday, 10 December 2015

Word Web -Personal

This is my word web that my friend Daniel helped me on. We had to find out antonyms for our word that we choose personal. Today I learned a new word and it is Unconcealed.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Factors And Multiples

This is my factors and multiples presentation for maths I made with my buddies Daniel and Ofa. In this presentation we have got factors, products and multiples. I learnt that 72 is a multiple of 6.

Homework Term 4 Week 9

This is my homework for this week. The topic was can trees grow longer than 50 years. I have to put on my homework fantastic facts, challenge facts and super challenge facts. I have completed all my facts. I learnt that in the tropic areas trees may reach their full size when it is 30.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Flag Information

This is my presentation I made with my partner Ofa about the New Zealand flag and the new ones. On this presentation I had to put the history of the flag, what it is called, what do the parts of the flag mean and my opinion on the flag. I learnt that the red part on the silver fern red white and blue flag represents the Maori people and the blood of the soldiers who died in war.

Key Words Tagul Password

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 10.33.14 AM.png

Today I made this word cloud on Tagul. I put my keywords on Tagul. My keywords are about passwords and making sure your password is safe. I did this to learn how make sure my password is secure. I learnt that in some passwords can stand for a sentence.

Word Web

This is my word web I have created today. On my word web I had to put words with six letters or less. My word here is respect and here is all of my other words that has the same meaning as respect but different words. I have learnt that recognition is the same meaning as respect.

Wedge Poster

This is my poster that I have created about one of the simple machines, the wedge. On my poster I had to put image/images, make my one wedge, title and information on what is the wedge used for, how to make work easier and what is the trade off. I learnt that swords use the pulling movement when you use one.

12 Times Tables

For maths this week room 9 has been doing the 12 times tables. I have made a presentation with my friend Ofa, Oh Hsen, Daniel, Eric and Fraidoon. In the presentation we had to have objects, saying it in a different language, typing it in a different language and typing it in a maths equation. I learnt how to type the 12 times tables in Maori without anyone helping me. 

9 Times Tables

For maths I have been working on the nine times tables. I made this presentation with Daniel, Ofa and Eric. For each slide we had to say the nine times tables in two or more languages. I did the slide with the Maori times tables. I learnt how to speak propley in Maori saying the nine times tables.