Thursday, 28 September 2017

Scale Drawings

In LS2 we have been focusing on scale drawings . We first had to choose an image that we were going to draw. I decided that I would like to draw the Milwaukee Bucks (a NBA team) logo. Next we had to make a grid on top of the picture. After that we would do the same thing but we had to make our drawing twice as big. The hardest part for me was drawing the grids because most of the time the squares weren't even.

2017 Panmure Bridge Production - Dancing Through The Decades

To celebrate the 60th birthday for Panmure Bridge School did a production. Each class had a decade that they had to dance from. In LS2 we have the 70's and 80's and our songs are Stayin Alive, I See Red and Footloose. I am in the Stayin Alive group. I think did really well and remembered all of our moves. I am also in the Senior Kapa Haka group. We performed three songs. We getting better and are learning to sing louder.

Princess Bride Character Introduction

In LS2 we have been doing a film study about the movie The Princess Bride. Once we watched the movie, I made a DLO about the character introductions that happen in the film. The character introductions are about the main characters who are Buttercup, Westley, Inigo, Fezzik, Vizzini and Prince Humperdink.

Kiwi Can

For Kiwi Can today, LS2 played three games: The objects game, hand soccer and 10 down. In the objects game, we had to use a hula hoop to act out different objects like a trashcan or a basketball hoop. For the second round, we had to use two pieces of paper to act out different objects like some tissues or a book. Hand soccer is basically soccer but instead of using your feet, you use your hands. 10 down is a game where you pass a ball to a teammate who taps the ball on the ground and passes it to another teammate. Once your team taps the ball on the ground 10 times, your team wins. The opposition has the same objective (Tap the ball on the ground 10 times). We all had a fun and amazing time.

Inter-School Cross Country

Yesterday the year 3-8 students who came first, second and third from the school cross country went down to Bailey Road for the inter-school cross country. Since I am a year eight, I had to do four laps. The other year eight boys who were with me were Te Wai and Daniel. We all did really well and all managed to come in the top ten.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Finding Out About Coalitions

Today in LS2 we were learning about coalitions and how they can affect the elections. A coalition is an alliance to form a government. In the New Zealand elections, Winston Peters who is the NZ First party leader decides if the National party or the Labour party win the election.

PBS Cross Country

Last Thursday Panmure Bridge went to Dunkirk Park to have our school cross country. Boys and girls went one at a time and everyone ran in their year groups except for the senior classes. I was in a race with year seven and eights. We had to run five laps of the course. In my race the top three year seven boys and the top three year eight boys would go to the inter-school cross country. I did really well and I managed to tie first with my friend Daniel.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Flowchart For Democracy In NZ

This flowchart is about democracy about NZ. We had to define the word democracy. We had to write in order the people that hold most power over NZ. I learnt that Democracy comes from Greece. I worked with Eric, CJ, Shannon, Fraidoon, Daniel and Oh hsen to complete this flowchart.

What Is A Prime Minister?

This week LS2 have been learning about the role of a Prime Minister. For this task we had to choose a former New Zealand Prime Minister and find out what he changed during his/her time as Prime Minister. We decided to pick David Lange. For this task I worked with Shannon, Oh Hsen, Eric, Daniel, Fraidoon and CJ.

Government Parties

This week LS2 have been learning about what an election is and the New Zealand political parties. On Saturday there will be an election to decide who will be the Prime Minister of New Zealand. For this task I worked with Eric, CJ, Daniel, Oh Hsen, Fraidoon and Shannon. We also had to find out who the leader is for each party. Here is the link to our DLO.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An E-Book Day

Cover of The History Buff's Guide to the PresidentsRead an eBook Day

Today is read an e-book day (18th September). Read an e-book is a day where we read books online which is modern story telling. LS2 have been using Tamaki College's Overdrive to read E-Books at school. There are lots of different books and genres. I am currently reading a book about U.S. Presidents. If you want to find out more about read an e-book you can click on this link. #eBookLove

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say It Tika

Today we watched a video called Say It Tika. The video includes a famous New Zealand person and he Temuera Morrison. He talks about about pronouncing Maori places in New Zealand correctly. We went to the say it tika site and pinned three places we thought people find trouble pronouncing.

Friday, 8 September 2017


Today LS2 went to Tamaki College for tech. We had our new rotations and they are art, stained glass windows and cooking. The year eights are doing stained glass windows with Mr Grundy. We have started to draw our design and colour them in. Near the end of our session we spent a little time learning how to cut glass. I can't wait to see what my design will look like when I have finished it.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki College Overdrive

Today LS2 have been reading books on the Tamaki College Overdrive. There have been lots of new books that have been added on. I decided to read a book about U.S. Presidents. The Tamaki College Overdrive is useful and really easy to use.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

2 Word Sentences DLO

For writing this week we have been learning about two word sentences. In a two word sentence there is a subject and a verb. We written some two word sentences on the board and then we had to choose three of them to make them into compound and complex sentences.

Friday, 1 September 2017

A Day At Tamaki College

Today the year eights from Panmure Bridge School stayed at Tamaki College for a day to experience what it would be like if we decide to go there. First we had technology as normal. We were doing stained glass windows with Mr Grundy. After that we had morning tea. Tamaki College was really kind and provided morning tea and lunch for us. Our first class was Maths and our teacher was Mr Jones. We played a game called Battleships. After that we headed off to Science where we did some cool experiments using static electricity. Our teachers were Mr Stoddard and Mr Singh. Then it was lunch time. We had Subway for lunch. Four of our students who showed the Tamaki College values got a $5 dollar tuck shop voucher. I got a voucher for showing Responsibility. Our next class was English and our teacher was Mr Stevenson. Their we had to look at some words carefully and memorise them. We then had to write them down on a document and find images of the words. Our last class was P.E. Our teacher was Mr Moyes. We played a game of Turbo Touch. I had a really fun day and I would like to give a really big thank you to everyone who looked after us at our time there.