Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Retell In 25 Words Or Less

Title: Samurai vs Ninja The day of the dreadful undead
Author: Nick Falk and Tony Flowers
Type of book: Chapter Book
Retell: When a festival goes wrong, the samurai and the ninja clash in another battle. A mistake happened. The ghosts of their ancestors are living again.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Radical Reading

This an activity that I did for the holiday reading challenge.
Title: Journey To Tangiwai
Author: David Hill
Type of book: Based on a true story
Where am I reading: At the back of my dads truck

Holiday Reading - Make A Recommendation

I would recommend this book to my friend Oh Hsen because he likes funny books and this is one, he likes diary of a wimpy kid books and this is really similar and there is a part that has an adventure in it and Oh Hsen likes adventure books too.

Holiday Reading - Retell 25 Words Or Less

Title: Fantastic Mr Fox
Author: Roald Dahl
Type Of Book: Fiction Book
Retell: Fantastic Mr Fox is stealing things from three farms for his family and him to eat. The three farmers have a plan to stop that.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Radical Reading

This is a picture that I took of me for the holiday reading challenge. This activity was to take a picture of me reading in a radical (weird) place. 
Title: Geronimo Stilton The Galactic Goal
Author: Elisabetta Dami
Type of book: Fiction and Series
Where am I reading: On my garage roof.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Design Your Own Cover

This is my poster that I created for the holiday reading challenge. I had to design my own cover of a book I have read.
Title: Smile
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Type of book: Graphic Novel

Original Cover
Why my cover is better: I think that my cover is better because the part that I says Don't forget to smile gives an idea of what the story is about.

Holiday Reading - Read The Next Book In The Series

This is a venn diagram that I made for the holiday reading challenge. 
Series:Samurai vs Ninja
Title:Curse Of The Oni
Authors:Nick Falk and Tony Flowers
Type Of Book: Chapter book
Why I like this book: I like this book because there are some funny things that are included in this book. I like the drawings in this book because they are different to other books.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Make A Recommendation

The book that I have read is called Geronimo Stilton: Journey Through Time. I going to recommend this book to my class mate Daniel because in this book there are lots of adventures, Geronimo Stilton and his friends time travel and I know Daniel likes books with time travel and one of the times when they time traveled they went back in the medieval times.

Holiday Reading - Retell 25 Words Or Less

Title: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Hard Luck
Author: Jeff Kinney
Type Of Book: It is a fiction book and series.
Retell: This book is about a boy name Greg and his best friend Rowley. Rowley gets a girlfriend but Greg wants to hang out with him.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Un Prefix Word Game

This is a screenshot that I took of one of the Un Prefix word games. In this game I had to click the letters in order to spell a word the begins with Un. My highest score was 384.

Un Prefix Word Wall

This is a screenshot that I took about my un prefix word wall. In each box I had to put a word that had un in it. It got all of these words from the dictionary. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Math Man

This is a screenshot that I have taken about a maths game called Math Man. The aim of the game is to look at the question and eat the ghosts that is equivalent to the fraction that the equation shows. 

Tech-Upside Down Cake

Today at tech the year sevens were making upside down cake. First we got our trays and equipment to set up. The equipment that we used were a large measuring bowl, a small measuring bowl, wooden spoon, whisker, two measuring cups, a green chopping board and a small knife. My group (Calvin, Lyndon and I) started to do our different jobs. We listen to all the instructions so we were finished quite fast. After when it was heat up in the ovens we tasted a little bit. I thought that the upside down cake tasted really good.

Elephant Toothpaste

This is my poster that I made about the Elephant Toothpaste experiment. We did this experiment on last Wednesday. We had to find out what will happen when two chemicals are mixed. We found out the elephant toothpaste experiment is a chemical reaction so it be change back to its original form. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Word Cline

This a word cline that I made for a reading can do. The word that I chose for my word cline was big. This show the words that also means big but better.

My War Letter

This is my piece of writing that I made about ANZAC's writing to their families in their diaries that they bought to battle. We got some help from Captain Charlie May's diary and made some notes. We had to write how it was written back then. We used our notes to help write our letter too.


These are screenshots that I took from a presentation that I made with my work buddy Thomas about ANZAC poems. We had to read the poem and write down what the main idea is. The main idea is the message that author wanted to get across to the reader. We also had to give three reasons why it is the main idea. The main idea for this poem is that not everyone returned from the war. 

My Writing

The Journey For Survival “Flying back home brings me joy ” said Kim to herself. Suddenly the sky transformed from shining to dark. “Wow, I was startled from that lightning!” said Kim with fear flowing through her body. Boom the lightning struck the plane and the pilots were losing control. The plane struck, fell from the windy sky and gained speed as it hurtled towards the ground. It crashed.

 15 minutes later. “What happened and where in the world am I?” Kim was so curious. She bounced back up and walked off . As she left she tumbled over some skeleton bones. “What is that disturbing noise?” muttered Kim. She looked up at the sky and her face turned from afraid to horrified. “I must get away from this area.” she mumbled.

 1 hour later. Puffing from the long run and racing away from the terrifying disaster, Kim was like a machine when it came to running. Her heart felt cold as ice. The horrifying storm started to gain on poor tiny Kim. Kim took a rest for a little while. “I need to think of a way to get a safe distance away.” Kim said quietly to herself. As she gained energy she started to sprint again. She tripped on the long grass and then suddenly she heard something that could help her get away.

 She heard an engine fly over her and land close by (It was a plane!). Sprinting to get to her destination she finally got there. “Excuse me sir, could you help me get back to Australia because I have not a chance on getting away from this storm by myself.” asked Kim. “Sure, I’m heading to Australia too.” said the pilot. “I was just getting some fuel for my plane.” The pilot added on. “You should hurry, a violent storm is coming.” Kim explained to the pilot. “Ok I’m going to get the engine started right now.” the pilot replied to Kim. As the pilot started the engine and they both rushed inside the plane the storm started to catch up to them. “Hurry up sir take of now, the storm will catch us any second now!” hollered Kim. They took of and as they were soaring in the sky, the storm just slightly struck the plane... The storm was so close to striking the plane again but the pilot pressed a secret boost button and escaped from the storm. Finally they weren’t in any trouble and they were safe and sound. “ Now we can get back to Australia” said Kim with joy. Yet they were halfway across the world.

This term we have been learning to write narratives. We used the picture prompt below to help us imagine how this situation came about. We tried to hook our audience in by thinking about the pace of events and the pictures we painted with words.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Exploring The Points Of Views

This is my DLO that I made with my work buddy Calvin. We used I Fake Text to show the people who were talking. I was the bus driver and Calvin was the boss. The activity we were doing was why the bus drivers went on strike. We learnt what provocation and bias means. Bias means one point of view. Provocation means someone saying or doing something that causes someone else to react. It is important to look at both sides before you make your decision because you will know what both sides think about.

Current Events - Auckland Bus Strikes

This is my poster that I made with my work buddy CJ for current event. The current event that we worked on was the Auckland City bus strikes which happened on 19th of February at 4am to 20th of February 4am. We were learning to use the 5 W's to summarize a current event. The bus driver were giving their bosses a message by gathering together and going on strike.

Monday, 4 April 2016

PBS CARE Award Task

This a my presentation that I made for a PBS CARE task. It was under the category excellence and innovation.  I had to make a presentation about three novels that I read this term and explain what the book was about.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Solving Decimal Word Problem WIth Fractions

This is a poster that I made with my partner John. We had to solve a work sheet with 3 questions on it and we had to choose one of the problems to put it on a poster. We also had to explain how we got the answer. 

Nelson Mandela

This is my poster that I made for the PBS CARE awards task for the category attitude. The task was to research someone who has a positive attitude even though they have faced difficulties. For this I chose Nelson Mandela because he didn't get really angry when he was sent to prison instead he kept on believing that apartheid (separating of the races) would stop in South Africa. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

What Is The Difference Between The NZ Flag And The NZ Naval Flag?

This is a poster that I made for a reading task I had to do. It was about the difference between the NZ Naval flag and the NZ flag. I found out that the NZ Naval flag represents the Naval Force in New Zealand.

How To Survive A Cow Attack

This is a poster that I made on how to survive a cow attack. The task was to read an article and put it on a DLO. One fact was that don’t alert the cows or they will start to charge at you.

How To Stand Up To Bullies

This is a poster that I made for the PBS CARE awards task for Confidence. The task was to make a DLO (Digital Learning Object) on how to stand up to bullies. My DLO includes using the WITS. The WITS are Walk Away, Ignore, Tell Someone and Stop It.

Abraham Lincoln

This is my presentation about Abraham Lincoln. I did this because it was one of the PBS CARE award tasks I had to do for respect. The task was to choose a respected leader. I respect him because he won the American Civil war to stop slavery in America.

My Personal Passion

This is a poster that I made for the PBS CARE awards in excellence and innovation. This DLO that I made was about my personal passion. My personal passion is sports because I am really good at it and enjoy playing it. I always play sports when I'm bored or I have nothing to do.

PBS CARE Award Task

This is my third poster that I made about inspirational quotes. I had to make three posters and in each one of them they needed to have an inspirational quote that inspires others.

PBS CARE Award Task

This another on of my posters that I made for the PBS CARE awards tasks. I choose this quote because it inspires people to if you want to change the world you should change it.

PBS Care Awards Task

This is one of my posters that I made for the PBS CARE awards task for excellence and innovation. The task was to choose three quotes that help inspire others.

PBS Flag Vote DLO

This is a screenshot of my poster that I made about the PBS flag vote. I have explained what my bar chart shows. I found out that most of the seniors have voted to keep the flag. I think that the seniors voted to keep the flag because they know the history of the current flag. Most of the juniors choose to change the flag. This may be because they might like the design of the new flag.