Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hauora Inquiry DLO

This is my groups inquiry presentation DLO that we made. We worked as a team and helped each other to finish the tasks we had to complete. For this inquiry rotation I was in Mrs Anderson group and were working on Hauora. I learnt that in Hauora there are four walls and they are Taha Tinana, Taha Whanau, Taha Wairua and Taha Hinengaro.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warriors Visit

Today in the afternoon Panmure Bridge School had a visit from Alice from DTR, Georgia and two Warriors John Palavi and Ryan Hoffman. They then introduced themselves to us. We then got split up into two teams and had a trivia about the Warriors. If you give the correct answer you will get a prize. They then talked about sleep. I learnt that primary school kids should have eleven hours sleep and adults should have eight. Ryan Hoffman said if you don't have enough sleep you wont have enough energy. Next they were speaking about hydration. The number one choice of drink is water. After that we listened to our visitors who then talked to us  about belonging. They asked to a few people where are the different places we belong to. Some kids said that we belong in our family, school and sports clubs. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run Jump Throw

On Thursday LS2 had a another session of Run Jump Throw with Andi. For this weeks session we focused on long jump. Andi showed us a two foot launch, two foot landing. We land with both feet on the ground. Andi said it is called the motorcycle landing. Then we did a one foot launch and a two foot landing. We got into groups and tried to see who could jump the furthest. Then the person who came first from each group had to challenge each other.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Current Events

Two women Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand and Abbey D'Agostino from USA that were competing in the Olympics fell well running. They both helped each other up. They showed what being a good sport athlete is. They should Olympic spirit by helping each other then winning. For helping each other they got a chance to run in the finals.

Olympic Art

Today and yesterday we some students from LS2 worked on their Olympic art. First we had to we had to fold a piece of paper in half and draw a design using lines and shapes. We also had to find a silhouette that is apart of the Olympic Games. Then we got white piece of paper, put that paper on our original and traced it. When it was on the white paper had to colour it in in pastel. We had to blend the colours. Then we had to cover the lines with PVA. Finally we glued our silhouette to our artwork. Then we were finished.