Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday, 22 August 2014


Yesterday was our last day of netball with Merrin, our netball teacher. She taught us how to do lots of things in netball like passing to the person that is free and how to shoot the ball. To shoot the ball you have to put one hand under the ball and the other hand on the side. Then you aim where you want the ball to go and then you shoot. My position in playing netball was goal defend.
I had a lot of fun playing netball and I hope I get to play it again.

Kiwi Kids Quiz

Today I did the Kiwi Kids Quiz and I got 90%. I learned that England began a major football league called English Premier League.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Spooky Halloween

Today is a really big day. Its October the thirty first, Halloween!!! Rachael, Emily, Greg, Aaron and Dylan are friends. They are going to go trick treating together. They are going to every house on their street, but only Dylan and Aaron know that that the creepy house across the road is a really spooky because there is a terrifying man who guards the house. They both try to tell the others but they are too busy talking about Halloween and how much lollies they are going to get. They rushed to every house and got like about 20 lollies from each house. Finally they came to the old house and after they knocked on the door lightning struck. Everybody screamed and yelled but except for Dylan and Aaron because they knew what was going to happening next. A scary man appeared behind them. Aaron and Dylan told the rest to stop screaming and shouting and look behind them. The man started to chase them. While he was chasing them he was shouting “don’t come knocking on my door and get away from me”They all ran to Dylan's house and spied on the house. When Aaron and Dylan were young it happened to them to but they were the one that were not listening. Emily and Rachel went back home because they were too scared of the man. Dylan and Aaron fell asleep on the floor.

Greg went out on  the driveway and tried to think how come he didn't want  him and his friends near him so he went across the road and knocked on his door. Rachel and Emily came running back fast as a jet to Dylan’s house and woke him and Aaron up and told them that they saw a shadow that looked liked the man from the spooky house. Then suddenly they all realised that Greg wasn't there. They looked everywhere until Emily found him waiting by the scary house.

They shouted across the road and asked Greg why was he waiting by the house. Greg shouted back and said “ I want to ask him why he doesn't like us near him. After he shouted he heard a noise coming from the bush. The noise went louder and louder until Greg was face was shaking. It was the man. He came up to Greg and told him why are you coming near me again!!! He told him with a small tiny voice and said “ I want to ask you why you don’t like us near you.” He then said “ because my wife didn't like children because they did mean things to her like throw eggs at her and tease her.”Then Greg said “we wouldn't do that to you and your wife, we only wanted to get some lollies for Halloween. Then he said “sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” Then he remembered that they didn't get lollies from him so he went to buy some and gave the lollies to them. After the kids got there lollies they enjoyed their treat at their home.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Water Not Energy Drinks!!!

Today I read an aeticle and I  learned that energy drinks are bad for people who play sports. They should drink water and not energy drinks. Water is the best drink in the whole wide world.

Trip To The Auckland Museum

Yesterday I went to the Auckland Museum with my class, room 8 and room 5. I felt really excited to go there because I was young when I last went there and It was really really cool and fun. We are going by bus but the bus wasn't there. It was running very late. Finally it came and we were on. I was on the second bus and I was siting on the back. It felt fun because I was high. When we got to the museum there where stairs. It looked like it was higher than the sky tower. I also saw another two schools there as well. First a man took us to a room with some more people and we all sat down on the mat. First they all introduced them. Then they showed some things to us like tapa cloth and the Paper Brown mulberry tree. She told us how there families migrated and what they brought with them. They said they brought there songs, culture and language.

After we had that session we went to another one. We followed a man and a lady to a map of the pacific. He told us there were 3 parts of the pacific. There are Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. They also told us how they made boats back then and showed us what they were. They were not electric. The tools looked cool.

After they took our lesson we had lunch outside. Luckily I got a seat. We had a long lunch. I tried to eat all of my lunch. After lunch we could go where ever we wanted to. I was in a group with Sebastian's mum, Sebastian, Sylis, Navid and Rohullah. First we went up stairs to go to the volcano. When we got there we waited in line to go inside the volcano house. It wasn't long until the group inside came out. The T.V. was on and there was fake news. It was telling us about the volcano. On the T.V. I saw smoke coming out of the water and then. The house shook and the lights went out. The message was telling us to be prepared. One of my favorite part was going to Auckland in 1866 because there are lots of cool old things there. I saw an old bar there too. My other favorite part was seeing planes and old movies of them. We went looking around everywhere. We had to meet back at entrance at 2:00. It was super duper fun a
t the Museum and I want to go there again.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Push and Pull Factors

If I would migrate I would go to Tonga because my dad has a house that is close to the beach and in Tonga there are different kinds of food there.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Currents Events Weekly News

Today I did the current events weekly quiz and I got a 100%. In one question I remember it from the news.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Duffy Theatre

Today I went to see the Duffy Theatre in the hall. There were two men and one woman. One guy was playing the guitar and making people laugh. It started and Duffy made a cape out of books and he wore a crown. It looked really cool. He is the king of books. Duffy and his friend Rosie are trying to make Duffy's uncle Bingo read but he says he don't do books. Duffy then had a big idea of putting all the things we like and shout it in to the book. He gave the book to uncle bingo but it didn't work. Rosie gave her ballerina book to uncle bingo before he went on his plane to Sydney. Then uncle bingo read the book and he liked it. Then when his games was on he was doing ballerina moves. My favourite part was when uncle Bingo said"you egg to Humpty Dumpty. It was really fun and I liked it really really much.