Thursday, 10 December 2015

Word Web -Personal

This is my word web that my friend Daniel helped me on. We had to find out antonyms for our word that we choose personal. Today I learned a new word and it is Unconcealed.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Factors And Multiples

This is my factors and multiples presentation for maths I made with my buddies Daniel and Ofa. In this presentation we have got factors, products and multiples. I learnt that 72 is a multiple of 6.

Homework Term 4 Week 9

This is my homework for this week. The topic was can trees grow longer than 50 years. I have to put on my homework fantastic facts, challenge facts and super challenge facts. I have completed all my facts. I learnt that in the tropic areas trees may reach their full size when it is 30.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Flag Information

This is my presentation I made with my partner Ofa about the New Zealand flag and the new ones. On this presentation I had to put the history of the flag, what it is called, what do the parts of the flag mean and my opinion on the flag. I learnt that the red part on the silver fern red white and blue flag represents the Maori people and the blood of the soldiers who died in war.

Key Words Tagul Password

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 10.33.14 AM.png

Today I made this word cloud on Tagul. I put my keywords on Tagul. My keywords are about passwords and making sure your password is safe. I did this to learn how make sure my password is secure. I learnt that in some passwords can stand for a sentence.

Word Web

This is my word web I have created today. On my word web I had to put words with six letters or less. My word here is respect and here is all of my other words that has the same meaning as respect but different words. I have learnt that recognition is the same meaning as respect.

Wedge Poster

This is my poster that I have created about one of the simple machines, the wedge. On my poster I had to put image/images, make my one wedge, title and information on what is the wedge used for, how to make work easier and what is the trade off. I learnt that swords use the pulling movement when you use one.

12 Times Tables

For maths this week room 9 has been doing the 12 times tables. I have made a presentation with my friend Ofa, Oh Hsen, Daniel, Eric and Fraidoon. In the presentation we had to have objects, saying it in a different language, typing it in a different language and typing it in a maths equation. I learnt how to type the 12 times tables in Maori without anyone helping me. 

9 Times Tables

For maths I have been working on the nine times tables. I made this presentation with Daniel, Ofa and Eric. For each slide we had to say the nine times tables in two or more languages. I did the slide with the Maori times tables. I learnt how to speak propley in Maori saying the nine times tables.

Monday, 30 November 2015

8 Times Tables

This is my presentation about the eight times tables. In this task I had to have in my presentation typing it in maths, making groups with objects, saying typing in Maori and typing it in english. I learnt how to speak in Maori the eight times tables in one go.

7 Times Tables

This is my presentation about the 7 times tables. In this presentation I have got the 7 times tables in maths, objects, english and Maori. I did this so I can memorise them if I have test. I learnt how to type my seven times tables in Maori.

Word Web

This is my Word Web I did completed today. On this Word Web I had to find synonym words to Convince. Synonyms are different words but the same meaning. The word I choose was convince. The synonym words I found I had to put them into sentences. The words in capital letters are the synonym words. I learnt that win over can be another word for convince. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Word Web

This is my word web I did today. The word that I had to rhyme with was eat. Here are some examples of some words that rhyme with eat. I have also put images to match the words.

11 Times Tables

This presentation is about the 11 times tables. This is for to memorise my 11 times tables. I did this to speak in two or more languages saying the 11 times tables. I learnt how to speak over 100 in Maori.

10 Times Tables

This is my presentation about the 10 times table. In my presentation I wrote the 10 times tables in English, maths and Maori. I did this to improve how fast I can say the 10 times tables and learn it off by heart. I learned how to say 100 in Maori.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics Day

Athletics Day

Today at school we had athletics day! We had different like sprints, hockey,skipping. The only event that the first and second places that would go to the inter-school athletics was the sprints. The sprints was my favourite. I knew that I might come first second. On my first heat the people in the race was Cyrus, Lyndon, Harlem, Shannon and I. It was a close and hard race but I came first. Shannon came a close second. In the final race it was Shannon, Oh Hsen, Daniel and I. Oh Hsen and Daniel came first and second in their race. When the final race started my heart was beating faster than ever before. I was in the lead for the whole race so I came first. Shannon just beat Oh Hsen for second. It was a fun day and I can’t wait until the inter-school athletics.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Inclined Plane Poster

This is my poster about the inclined plane. I put some information and images on my poster about the incline plane.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Line Shoot

Today I played line shoot on the digital connections website. It will tell you a type of line and you had to click on the right line. The 6 lines were point, line segment, ray, line, intersecting lines and parallel lines. We had to get over 90% on the time mode. I got 95%. I was very proud of my score.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Matching Parts of a Book

Matching Parts of a Book

L.I. Know the different parts of non-fiction books

Each part of a book has a special name which you need to be a familiar with.
1. For each description below find the matching term in the box.
2. Write in the correct term in the space provided.

Index = Alphabetical list of all the topics in a book with the page number where the information can be found.

End Papers= The first and last pages of a book.

Illustrator= The person who prepared or drew the pictures.

Introduction= Information about the book found at the beginning of a book.

Dedication= Words about a special person found at the front of a book.

Author = The person who wrote the book.

Glossary=  List of special words used in the book with their correct meanings.

Spine = The flat narrow outside strip of the book.

Publisher = The company who made the book.

Cover= The outside of the book.

Spine Label= The label which identifies the book on the shelf.

Bibliography = A list of more books on the same subject.

Contents = A list of the titles of the chapters.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Choosing The Right Book

Choosing the Right Book

L.I. Matching questions to book titles
Looking for keywords in a question

Here is a list of some books you might find in the non-fiction section of a library:

Which of the books would you use to find out:

1. How many people live in NZ?
  • Yearbook of Population
2. Which special stamps were issued in New Zealand in 1992?
  • Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue
3. How to look after a puppy?
  • Caring for pets
4. Where the custom of Easter Eggs came from?
  • Dictionary of Customs and Fables
5. The date of the Wahine disaster?
  • Everyman’s Dictionary of Dates
6. Which records were broken at the last Olympic Games?
  • Guinness Book of Records
7. The size of Noah’s Ark?
  • The Bible
8. The speed of the first aircraft to fly under power?
  • A History of Flight
9. The story of how the first under four-minute mile was run?
  • Encyclopedia of Athletics

10.  How the Greeks used a wooden horse to enter the city of Troy?

  • Myths and Legends

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Basic Facts Karuta

Today Shannon, Daniel and I played Basic Facts Karuta up to 100. Daniel had to say a number and me and Shannon had to get the number that added up to 100. Me and Shannon came a tie.

Number Stones

Today I played number stones with Fraidoon and Oh Hsen. In number stones there are two players and one judge. The two players have to choose 1, 2 or 3 numbers and the judge will tell them a maths equation. If you choose 3 numbers it will be hard. If you choose 2 you get a medium question. If you choose 1 you get a easy question. The two players have two take each others counters or beans surrounding them. At the end we count how much pieces we have. The person with the most pieces win. In my game I beat Fraidoon by three.

Subtraction Triangle

Today I did Subtraction Triangle. I made a mistake in my triangle by not putting big numbers in the bottom boxes.


Today I did Studyladder and  I got 10 questions out of 10! My goal on Studyladder is to get questions right faster than I did today.

Addition Triangle

Today I did addition triangle and I finished it in 30 seconds. I could of done better but it got a harder when I went higher.

My XtraMath Results

Today I did XtraMath and I got 44 in a row. I think that I should of done better because I have got way bigger scores before.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Make A Recommendation

Title-Absolutely Fantastic (At Some Things)
Author-Liz Pichon
Type Of Book-Fiction and another funny book from the series.

I would recommend this book to my friend Eric in my class because he likes to read funny books. In the book sometimes Tom makes jokes or plays tricks on a boy in his class named Marcus Meldrew because he shows off, he is annoying to him and he is disrespectful and rude to him. I would also think that he might like Tom's grandparents because they are funny (especially Grandpa).

Monday, 28 September 2015

My Retelling Of My Book In 25 Words Or Less

Image result for tom gates extra special treatsThis book is about Tom Gates who is in a band. He has a really cheeky sense of humour which makes the story so funny.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Place Values Poster Up To A Million

Today I made a poster with my buddy Sylis of a number past a million. We had to say what each column means and how to say the number properly.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Healthy Sandwich Poster

Today I made a poster about my healthy sandwich. On my poster it shows the ingredients, what has the most protein, what has the most carbohydrate, what has the most fat and what has the most sugar.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How To Reference A Book In APA Format

Hudson-Tiner, John. (2003) Magnetism, Smart apple media: Minnesota

Locating and Predicting Faces

Today for maths I learnt about how many faces are on a shape. I estimated that the top shape would have 6 triangle faces and 1 hexagon face, also I estimated that the bottom shape would have 8 faces. I was right once but also wrong once.. I also learnt that it is not about the faces you can see because there are some faces that are hidden or you can't see.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Electives Mask Making

Today I came to room 7 to do my elective mask making. Today is the last group of making masks besides Shannon and Juliano because they are not here today and they haven't done their masks yet. I haven't done my mask yet too. I am feeling excited and also nervous to do my mask. I can't wait to do it.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Non-Fiction Books/Dewey Decimals


What are non-fiction books?
Non-Fiction books are books that are true. They have true facts in them.

Who was Dewey? Marvin Dewey is the man who created the dewey decimals system.

How are non-fiction books arranged on the shelf? They are sorted into biggest to smallest. On the left is the biggest and the right is the smallest.

List the following spine labels in the correct order:

Choose a non-fiction book from the shelves.
Does the book you have chosen include the following?  Locate and photograph

Index-6 Aug 2015 11:21:04.jpg                                                                             
Contents page-6 Aug 2015 11:22:43.jpg                                                                          
Bibliography-6 Aug 2015 11:24:40.jpg                                                                         Title pages- 6 Aug 2015 11:27:05.jpg
References- 6 Aug 2015 11:24:40.jpg                                            Copyright6 Aug 2015 11:31:12.jpg                                 

What is a glossary?

A glossary is a mini dictionary.6 Aug 2015 11:33:39.jpg

The Part-Adder Tool

Today I used the Part-Adder tool to work the maths equation. The equation had two digit numbers. The equation was 48+49. On this image I did 45+3+2=50. Then 50+40=90. Then 90+7=97.

 On this strategy I first did 48+50=98 and 98-1=97.

Friday, 24 July 2015

My Hauora Poster

This is my poster I created about Hauora. I did this to know the true meaning of Hauora and to print it out and put it on the Inquiry wall. I learnt the meanings of Hauora. They eating healthy food, exercise and be fit and have a healthy spirit.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dewey Decimals


Non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves numerically.
The books are given a decimal number according to their subject.

Try putting these numbers in order.
1. 001
2.  362
3.     500
4.    593.9
5. 610
6. 629.2
7.      737.5
8.     745.5
9.   808.8
10.    994
Look through the non-fiction shelves in the library.  What subjects do you find at these numbers.

004-Data processing Computer science
796.3- Athletics, outdoor sports and games.
500-Natural sciences & mathematics
821-English poetry
993.1-General history of New Zealand

At what Dewey Decimal number would you find the following subjects:
Myths and Legends? 753
Fashion? 687
Inventions? 608
Birds? 598
Fairy tales?  398.21