Thursday, 28 May 2015

How To Reference A Webpage in APA Format

How To Reference A Webpage
NASA  May 28, 2015. NASA Begins Testing Mars Lander in Preparation for Next Mission to Red Planet. Retrieved from May 28, 2015

My Show Me Video

This is my video about the Written strategy on Show Me. This video shows you how to use the Written strategy in a multiplacation equation.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Re-Craft Narrative

The Backfire

It was the year 1915 the military were on there way to Gallipoli to fight the Turkish army. There were four groups. Staff Sergeant Nick was the leader for the first group, Sergeant Bret was the leader for the second group, Corporal Mike was the leader for the third group and Private Matt was the leader for the fourth group. When they were about to land from the helicopter they so some people from the Turkish army looking for them so they started to fire at them. They killed all of them. Lucky no one from the military was killed. They started to stop and they started to make the trenches. In the evening Nick, Bret, Mike and Matt started to plan. Bret came up with a idea to attack the Turkish army. It was getting late so they went to sleep.

In the morning the woke up and they someone missing. It was Matt. They went and woke up the rest of the military to help them find Matt. They didn't know that Matt was working for the Turkish army. So while the military was looking for him he went to the Turkish army's territory and told them the military's plan to attack them. In the military Mike thought that maybe the Turkish army kidnapped him so they went to spy on them. When they got there they saw Matt talking to them. They were really angry at them. A little while later they decided to see what they are planning. They heard their plan to make a trap for them so they went back to their territory and decided to make an ambush for them.

Tomorrow came and they were waiting for them. A couple of minutes later they saw them. They waited for them to come a bit closer then they attacked. They were lots of Turkish people but they managed to kill them all. Then they found another one hiding in the bush. Nick shoot him. They went to see who it was and it was Matt. The military survived the war. They decided to go back home to their families. They all said goodbye and they couldn't wait for their next mission.

Friday, 15 May 2015


This game is called battleships. I learnt how to read coordinates. In the game battleships you had to play against someone. You had to read out the coordinates you choose and that is where you fire. The first on to fire all of your opponents ships wins.