Thursday, 22 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - My Favourite Sportsman

For this activity I had to write a short paragraph about my sporting hero. My sporting hero is Michael Jordan. He is my sporting hero because during his NBA career he never gave up and managed to win six NBA champions (1991,1992,1993,1996,1997 and 1998).Image result for michael jordan


  1. Hello Aj

    Micheal Jordan is a fabulous player also he has his own shoe name. Also its awesome that he is your hero thats really good AJ keep up the great work and thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. Hello AJ,
    Michael Jordan is a very famous basketball player. I like you reason on wny he's your sporting hero. Your rigt he never gave up. Good Job AJ. Keep up the fabolous work!!

  3. Hey AJ
    6 NBA champions is a lot. He must be a really good basketball player. Does Michael Jordan still play basketball though? Keep up the blogging!

  4. Hi AJ,

    It's really cool to read that you like Michael Jordan. I grew up watching him play with the Bulls. He was, by far, the most famous basketball player of my generation and despite no longer playing he is still heavily regarded as one of the all-time best!

    I sometimes wonder how he would stack up if he had to play against current stars in the NBA like Stephen Curry, LeBron James or Steven Adams! Do you think that he would be able to compete at their level or do you think that the current group of players is even better than Jordan? A number of people have discussed this and no one has come to a consensus!

    What do you think, AJ? Is Jordan the best player of all time? Is he better than the current crop of NBA talent?

    Rachel :)