Monday, 28 July 2014

My Multiplication Poster

In class we have learning about multiplication.

A Small Soccer Tournament

A Small Soccer tournament!!!
It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to go to my friends house and play a small soccer tournament. I got my brother and my friend Paulo and we walked to my my other friend’s house. I was surprised that my friend Raymond wasn’t outside because I just saw him playing outside wearing his favourite colourful t-shirt but then I just saw his shoe and I went over to him and scared him. Then I asked if we can have a small soccer tournament and he said okay. We had to choose who we wanted to verse. I choose my brother but my brother choose Paulo. Raymond said I will be versing my brother and Paulo will verse Raymond. Me and my brother were playing first. You had to score 5 goals to win the match. My  brother is not that good so I had an advantage. I had to score one more goal to win so I dribbled the ball and then I kicked the ball over my brothers head. My brother wasn’t even close to winning.

The score was 5-1. I was really really exhausted. When Raymond and Paulo versed Raymond was taking long to get a goal and I knew he was doing that on purpose. At the end of the game Raymond did a headbut to win the match. Raymond won 5-0. I was in the finals with Raymond. We choose my brother as third because he scored one goal and Paulo scored no goals. I was so surprised that I was in the finals. Me and Raymond said that the score  will be up to 7. I was hoping I would beat Raymond. He always win against me in soccer. My brother and Paulo are the goalies. This will be super hard for me. In the middle of the game the score was 4-3. I was winning. but I knew that I might not win the match. Raymond did his tricks and he was catching up to me. When he was dribbling I sneakily stole the ball off him. I scored again. I could tell that Raymond had a plan. I tried to get the ball off him heaps of times but he was too good. I saw him get two more goals and then the score was 6-5. I was losing. I needed two more goals to win. Raymond kicked the ball and it bounced off my head inside the goal. Then I knew that I just did a headbut but Raymond wasn’t finished yet he kicked the ball really fast and hard. It went super fast as a lion. I tried to block it but it went through my legs. Raymond won the match. I didn’t really mind that I didn’t come first. I was proud of myself that I came second and not last. I had a really fun day today and I hope we will have another small soccer tournament.

Friday, 4 July 2014

My Art Reflection

In room 7 we have being doing art. We have been learning about a famous artist named Ton Schulten and how he paints. The colours we used were red, yellow, blue, black and white. We had to mix the colours to get what colour you want. You have to copy the photo and paint it the right colour. It will have different colours. Then you paint the same colour but it is a different shade of it. It will look colourful when finish. This is my art and it has different colours on it.

My Term 2 Reflection

In room 7 this term we have been busy working really hard on lots of different kinds of subjects.

One of my favourite subjects was doing soccer with Ben. Ben taught us how to dribble and he showed us some new skills. We had a mini soccer tournament. In one game I scored 2 goals. I won for my team when I scored the second goal. The score was 3-2. He also taught us how to work together and don't be selfish and keep the ball to yourself.

Music was another thing that I liked. There was super cool activities and you get to move around. One time we had to make our own moves and copy the shape of the pattern.
Mrs Eeles our music teacher gave us a drumtastic challenge. You had to chose a drum and find some facts about the drum. I finished my drumtastic challenge. I got a certificate for doing my drumtastic challenge.

I am really excited for next term and hope there is lots more sports and cool and fun activities.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Current Events Super Quiz

Today I did the Current Events Super Quiz and I got all of the questions right.