Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Home Learning Week 8

This is my presentation that I made with my buddy Harry for home learning. Our topic this week was the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. I learnt that the major attraction is the Emerald Buddha.

Home Learning Week 7

This is my presentation that I made with my homework buddy Pote about the Great Mosque of Herat. It is located in Herat, Afghanistan. I learnt that it was made to replace the fire temples caused by an earthquake and a fire.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Should We Change The New Zealand Flag?

Image result for nz flag

LI:To make an informed choice

Today LS2 made an informed choice to decide on if we should change the New Zealand flag or we don't. We went in our thinking groups and made a chart on yes to change the flag and no don't change the flag. In my group we came up with ideas like change the flag because it looks similar to the Australian flag and it is a waste on money if we don't change the flag because we already paid 27 million dollars. For no don't change the flag we came up with it disrespects the soldiers who fought for New Zealand because they fought under the current flag.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


This is my second poster that I created about whitebait. I learnt that whitebait comes out during high tide and they are about the size of a 10 cent coin. I have also added some images to match the facts.

Life Cycle Of Whitebait

This is a poster that I made about the whitebait life cycle. I learnt that in spring the whitebait swim from sea into the river mouth. I have a link at the bottom of my poster which leads to another poster I made about whitebait.

Can Do Word Cline

This my word cline that I made on a drawing. My word is great and I had to find 5 synonyms for great. I put it in order from top to bottom on the best synonyms for great.

Can Do

This a poster that I made with Thomas about the Big Bang. Our question was how long ago was the big bang? I made a prediction of when it happened and I was sort of right. I put on some links from where I got my information from.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Three Little Pigs Poster

This is a poster the I made with my partners John and Halaiano. We went on a site called Ifaketext write down the next five sentences that was on a poster.

Rounding Decimal Game

This is screen shoots of me playing a rounding decimal game. Out of 20 I got 18 right.  I am getting really better at rounding decimals.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Home learning Week 6

This is a presentation that I made with my homework buddy Eric. The topic for this week was The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. We also had some facts about it on one slide. I learnt that the Germans used it as a look out during World War Two.

Baking Soda And Vinegar Poster

This is a poster that I made with my buddy Daniel. We had to make a poster to explain one of our science experiments. In this poster it has steps in order on what we did in our experiments. At the end we did a conclusion of what element it will be.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Smart Timesavers

This is a presentation that I made with my work buddies Oh Hsen and Daniel. This presentation shows shortcuts to search online. You can also use the find bar. To use the find bar you can press control G or control F. I learnt how to search faster by using keywords and the find bar.

Tech-Fruit Salad

Today for tech we were making fruit salad. I worked with Calvin and Lyndon. The ingredients that were going top put inside the fruit salad was kiwifruit, apples, grapes, oranges, dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. First we pealed the fruits and cut them into little pieces and put them in our medium measuring bowl. When we were finished that we cut the white chocolate chips. Then we put them in small cups. We then added the dark chocolate and sprinkled the white chocolate on top. Finally we enjoyed ourselves by eating the fruit salad.

Group 1 Science Experiments Baking Soda And Vinegar

This is group 1's other experiment. It was baking soda and vinegar. First we poured half a small cup of baking soda. Then we poured a half a normal cup. Then we poured it onto the vinegar. It all fizzed. We saw lots of bubbles. Then we had to choose to put a different kind of vinegar or change the amount of vinegar. Our group choose different vinegar. The only thing that changed was there was more bubbles but they were smaller.

Group 1 Science Experiment Oobleck

For science in LS2 we split up into three groups. My group went to go in the hall. Our experiment was making oobleck. First we made our hypothesis-(prediction) if the oobleck will be a solid, gas or liquid. I thought it would be a solid. When we did the experiment we touched the oobleck. It felt really hard  like a solid but when we picked it up it fell out of our fingers like a liquid. At the end the answer was non newtonian liquid.

How To Be A Great Scientist Group 1

This is a presentation that I made along with group 1. It includes on how you what to do when you are doing a hypothesis -(prediction). I learnt that the three elements main elements are liquid, solid and gas. 

Home Learning Week 5

This is my posters that I made with my buddy Thomas for our home learning this week. The topic for this week was the Mona Lisa. I learnt that Leonardo Da Vinci wasn't just an artist.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Solving Decimal Word Problem 2

This another decimal word problem that I worked with Daniel and Harry. This time the equation was a little bit harder. I learnt that you need to find out the answer from the tenths column but if they are all they same number in that column you got to the next column.

Solving Decimal Word Problem

This is a poster that I made with my buddy's Daniel and Harry. We had a lot of questions to answer but we had to explain one of the equations and post it on our blog. I learnt how to solve a decimal problem that goes up to billionth.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Stretched sentence:

Who: The boy laughed.

What: The boy laughed hysterically.

When: In the evening the boy laughed hysterically.

Where: At the campfire in the evening the boy laughed hysterically.

Why: At the campfire in the evening, the boy laughed hysterically after seeing his friend slip in the mud and fall on his face.

DRAFT Sentence

At the campfire in the evening, the boy laughed hysterically after seeing his friend slip in the mud and land on his face.

This is my stretched sentence and my DRAFT sentence that I made with my buddy Thomas. For our stretched sentence we used the 5 W's. After that we use DRAFT to make our sentence better. We also use simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences. To do compound and complex sentence we used FANBOYS and AAWWUBBIS.