Friday, 24 July 2015

My Hauora Poster

This is my poster I created about Hauora. I did this to know the true meaning of Hauora and to print it out and put it on the Inquiry wall. I learnt the meanings of Hauora. They eating healthy food, exercise and be fit and have a healthy spirit.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dewey Decimals


Non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves numerically.
The books are given a decimal number according to their subject.

Try putting these numbers in order.
1. 001
2.  362
3.     500
4.    593.9
5. 610
6. 629.2
7.      737.5
8.     745.5
9.   808.8
10.    994
Look through the non-fiction shelves in the library.  What subjects do you find at these numbers.

004-Data processing Computer science
796.3- Athletics, outdoor sports and games.
500-Natural sciences & mathematics
821-English poetry
993.1-General history of New Zealand

At what Dewey Decimal number would you find the following subjects:
Myths and Legends? 753
Fashion? 687
Inventions? 608
Birds? 598
Fairy tales?  398.21

The Part Adder Tool

I needed to solve 18 + 8. I used the part adder tool to solve the problem.