Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hundertwasser DLO

This is my DLO that I have created with my partner Daniel. It is about a famous artist called Hundertwasser. On our DLO we had to put important parts about his life. We created our own art work based on the style of Hundertwasser. In our artwork we blended colours together. We also learnt that if you are colouring something in a hot colour, you are supposed to colour in the background with a cold colour.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Hockey Sessions

This is my DLO I have created with my partner Eric about our hockey sessions. The senior school has been learning how to play hockey with our hockey teacher Carly. Everyone has been learning new skills and everyone has been having fun.

R Reading Group Follow Up DLO

In Mrs Anderson's reading group we have been learning about pigeons. We had to form our opinions and decide if pigeons are pest or special. I couldn't decide if they were special or pests because they helped soldiers in WW1 but they have been leaving their dropping in public areas.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Jean Batten Time Line

These are screenshots that I have taken from my time line I have created about Jean Batten with my partner Ma'ata. We had to put in 15 important parts of their lives and the date it happened. We first had to put in the date of birth, her first flight, the date she flew from England to New Zealand, and the date she died.

The Wright Brothers Time Line

These are screenshots that I have taken from my time line I created about the Wright brothers with my partners Ma'ata and Harlem. We had put in the date of birth and the date they died. After we put that in we had to find 15 (including the D.O.B and the date of death) important parts of their lives and the year it happened.

Venn Diagram - The Wright Brothers and Jean Batten

This is my DLO that I have created with my partners Ma'ata and Harlem. The year sevens had to create two time lines. One about Jean Batten and another one who we choose but also had to be an aviator. The aviators I chose were the Wright brothers. We had to make a Venn Diagram and write the differences and similarities about our two aviators.

Pigeons DLO

This is my DLO that I have made with my group. We recorded our selves saying our opinion about pigeons. We had to decide if pigeons are special or pests. I couldn't decide if they were pests or special.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kiwisport - Hockey Session

Today the year sevens had our hockey session. There were two coaches there. First we started off with a warm up game and we played octopus. After that we learned how to grip the ball, dribble the ball and juggle the ball. We played a game called traffic lights. When one of the coaches shouted green we had to move the ball around with our hockey sticks. When she shouted orange we had to dribble the ball side to side and when she shouted red we had to stop the ball. We continued playing and she added some more rules. When she said purple we had to walk backwards and dribble the ball. She also added a silver light and that is when we had to go extra fast. At the end we got split into two groups and had hockey matches. When one of the coaches called three, the first three people in the line had to run around the cones and got to start the match.

Year 7 Leadership - Team Building

This is my DLO that I created with Daniel, Eric and Te Wai. On Mondays the year seven do leadership with Mrs Anderson. This week in leadership, we had to make a tower with ten cups. The challenge was that you can't touch the cups with your hands. So we used rubber bands. Everyone worked together as a team and I found this activity very fun.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Speech Marks/Dialogue

This is my DLO that I have created with my partner Pote. It was about speech marks and dialogue and how to use it. This presentation includes videos about speech marks. We also had to come up with different ways on how to write said.

Online Reading Challenge

In Mrs Anderson's reading group, we had to play the three reading games that was on the reading tumble on our reading page. We had to take screenshots of each game and we had to explain what reading skills we were practicing. For the first game I had to read a story and when I finished, I had to answer questions that were about the story. On the second game I had to read a short story. Then I had to click on each person and they would say something. We had to choose what he said was text to text, text to self or text to world. On the final game I played, I also had to read a short story. Then when I finished I had predict what was going to happen next.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 Minutes Of ...

Operation Rescue
I shivered in the early morning cold, standing there on the beach, in my togs. I decided to have a good morning swim. I leaped off the wharf and started swimming, the water was freezing! I continued to swim further and further until I couldn’t reach the bottom of the sea. Then, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, a humongous wave was heading straight for me, and with no time to swim away, I braced myself for the impact. As the huge waves crashed down on me, I struggled to breathe.

I managed to get above the water and breathe in some fresh air, then I saw more waves coming at me, each as big as the others. The wind howled - as if it was laughing at my fate. I tried to put my arm up, desperately wanted to be rescued. It was at that moment, I saw it. The Westpac helicopter saw me in trouble, and attempted to save me. Then the winch came down, with a man on it, he put a safety harness around me and we went slowly back up into the helicopter. “Thank you for saving my life” I said gratefully.
“Next time you should decide carefully when you go swimming, especially in this awful weather” the medic told me.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Storyboard That

For inquiry for the first five weeks this term the year sevens have been finding out about the Bar Tailed Godwit/Kuaka with Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson showed us a site that we had to use. It is called Storyboard That and we can make comic strips on it.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2016

Today Panmure Bridge School went to Hoyts Cinemas in Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year. Inside the cinemas were only Tamaki Primary and Panmure Bridge. When the first movie showed I laughed most of the time because it was really funny. It was nice to see the work and effort by students who created these awesome movies.

Hyperbole DLO

This week for writing, LS2 has been working on hyperboles. Hyperboles are an exaggeration. We had to complete two worksheets about hyperboles. On the first worksheet we had to highlight the hyperboles pink and the sentences that are true we had to highlight blue. On the second worksheet we had to highlight the similies but not the hyperboles.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Measurement Flight

Today LS2 participated in a paper plane battle. In our groups we had to see who is the best paper plane thrower. We also had to design a plane for our group. In my group I was chosen to throw the paper plane for our group. All the people who were chosen to throw had three throws. When all the people threw the planes we found out that Thomas threw the plane the furthest. Then Mrs Anderson said the people who threw the planes can have one more throw but she said to upon up the windows and doors. Once again Thomas threw it the furthest but I threw it the second furthest.

Recount Quiz

In Mrs Anderson for writing we searched for recounts on other school blogs from the Manaiakalani Cluster. When we found one we had to put the link to it on a google drawing and write what you liked about it. After that we had to complete a quiz about recounts. I got 10 out of 10 questions correct.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Paper Planes Measurement Challenge

Yesterday for maths, LS2 had a challenge. We had to work in our groups that we were put in and make paper planes. When we finished creating them we had to throw our paper plane and see who threw it the longest. This was an exciting activity and everyone had fun.

Pigeon Multi Modal

This term in Mrs Anderson's reading group we have been working on pigeons. Mrs Anderson tried a new way on showing work on our google site. It is called a multimodal page. On a multimodal page you can read information and listen to videos. I think that the multimodal page is easier than google slides because you have to keeping clicking on the arrow to go to the next slide.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Shake Out

Congratulations to Latham and all the other cast members for creating a fantastic movie about an earthquake. I hope you win the competition. Here is the link to the movie

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Today the year seven and eights students went to Tamaki College for Tech. The sevens went with Miss Ferguson for 3D Graphics. We had to choose anything that we wanted and had to add wings to it. I choose to make a flying guitar. We had to draw our object and also a draw what type of wings we wanted. 

Bar Tailed Godwit

This is a DLO that I have created about the Bar Tailed Godwit/Kuaka. I made this DLO with Daniel and Mia. On each image there is a link and it will take you to information and facts about the Bar Tailed Godwit.