Thursday, 17 April 2014

ANZAC Buscuits

On Wednesday some people from room 7 made Anzac biscuits. We went in groups. I was in the first group. Mrs Miller and my group went in the the hall kitchen and we started to make it. Here is the recipe for Anzac biscuits. We followed the recipe and then we had to make them into little balls and put them on the tray. We had to flatting it a little bit and wait for it while it is in the oven. Just before lunch time my group ate our Anzac biscuits.

Practiced Poetry Recital Evaluation

Practiced Poetry Recital Evaluation

Were you pleased with how you sounded? Why or why not?
I was pleased how I sounded because my voice could low and high.
What helped you learn your poem?
I practiced my poem every day and now I can memorize it.

Did you look at your audience?
I do because I know it off by heart.
Did you speak clearly?
I did speak loud and clear.
Did you use an expressive voice?
I did use an expressive voice but I need to use some more expression.
What are your next steps?
My next steps are to don’t be scared and just give it a go.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekly Number Challenge

Today’s Number:

Write it in words

six hundred and forty seven
Write it as an expanded number
600+ 40+ 7

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3


The easiest part was adding twenty.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Panmure Library

Today I was really excited because my class was going to the Panmure Library.After morning tea room 7 walked to the Panmure Library. We had to have a buddy and you had walk in two straight lines. When we got there I was very excited. There were four people there. There names were Pare, Juanita, Kare, and Ole. They split us into two groups. I went with Ole and Juanita.We used a club. In Maori it's called a Patu. They told me how to strike with it. Then we acted in a story. It was about our local mountain and there were two tribes.They were called Turere and Patupirarehe. After we did the play we got clay and a hook. We had to push the hook really hard on the clay. At the end they asked us some questions and I got one right and I won a prize. After that we walked back to school.I enjoyed being there because there were fun activities to do.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Poem

Weekly Number Challenge

Today’s Number:

Write it in words

five hundred and eighty two
Write it as an expanded number


Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was doubling it.
The hardest part was multiplying it

I need to work on my halving

Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday Quick Writes


There's a boy name Marty Douglas Jr and all his life he would like to go to the future and the past. One day his friend Doc Emmett Brown told him to come and meet near the mall. Doc was older than Marty. He was 52 years old. When Marty got there Doc was standing next to a car. A really weird looking car. He told Marty it was a time machine. A little while later there was two men coming down in a car very fast. One  pointed a gun at Doc. Then the man started shooting. Marty was angry and also scared. So he got in the time machine and drove away fast.10 seconds later the car disappeared and the two bad men crashed into a shop.

The car and Marty appeared somewhere else. He appeared right next to house. He felt really weird so he drove off. He stopped a little while later to take a nap. He woke up and remembered about how Doc died.He saw some newspaper and went to look what year is it and he was shocked. It was the year 1955.He wanted to figured out why those bad man killed Doc. He went and wandered off and saw a man that looked like Doc but younger. It looked like that he was in a gang.It looked like they were planning to kill someone. So Marty started to spying at the gang.Doc looked really mean. Then the leader of the gang told the gang that they were going to kill some one and when the leader told who it was Doc knew who it was. It was one of Doc's closest friends. He told the leader that he was not going to be in the gang anymore and he was going to be good now on. Then the leader was very angry with him and told him that he was going to kill him.Now Marty knows why those two bad men killed Doc. 

Then Marty ran to Doc and told him that the leader of the gang wasn't lying. So Doc put on a bullet proof vest and he will wear it everywhere but one day he forgot about him getting killed and toke it off on accident and Doc never noticed and when Marty came back to 2014 he knew that he was back but when he went to the mall to look at Doc he saw the two men shooting and then the two men chasing Marty in the time machine and when he saw the two men crash he ran to Doc and see if he was okay but when he got there he was dead. Marty was about to cry but Doc lifted his head up and told Marty how he survived. He told Marty that he remembered that a young familiar boy told himself that he was going to die.Then Doc started to say that Marty was his super hero and Doc bought him a costume to look like a super hero and they told each other that if they were in trouble they would help each other out.make the brake

Friday, 4 April 2014

I played on the weekly quiz today and I got 100%.

My Xtra Maths Results

This is my result on xtramath. I am up to subtraction. I want to improve my xtramath by getting ten smiley faces.