Friday, 26 February 2016

Earning Trust

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Yesterday the year seven's went out in the afternoon with Mrs Anderson to earn each others trust. First Mrs Anderson told us to find buddy that you hardly work with. Then you had to choose one person to close there eyes first and the other one guiding them. We had to guide the person from the junior playground and up the stairs leading up to LS2. Then after that we had to go back were started. When we were finished it was the other person to close their eyes and the other guiding them. Then we got to go down the slide with our eyes close. Finally we got to go anywhere in the school ground. After that lesson I now trust new people that I didn't before.

My Comment To Latham

This is a blog comment that I did on Latham's blog today. When we do blog comments we have to do a helpful, thoughtful and positive comment. Today I learnt how to write a better comment to someone.

Tech Week 4

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This week is my second week at tech. The thing that we were making was smoothies. We had to work in our groups. I worked with Lyndon and Calvin. The ingredients for the smoothies were Bananas, mixed berries and yoghurt. When we put all the ingredients in the measuring bowl we mixed them together. We mix it for a while and then we put it in the blender. We had to leave the blender on for five minutes. Finally when it was finished we poured it in our cups and drank it. I found the smoothies really tasty. 

Home Learning Week 4

This is  my presentation that I made with my buddy for this week. This week LS2's home learning our topic was the Taj Mahal. In this presentation there are 5 questions about the Taj Mahal. The last slide we both had to find some facts about the Taj Mahal. I learnt that the Taj Mahal means Crown of Palace.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


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Last Friday the year seven and eights went to Tamaki College for tech. First Ms Heka (year 7 cooking teacher) showed the year 7's to the cooking room. We were going to make milkshakes. We made them with nesquit powder, chocolate syrup, ice cream and milk.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Searching Skills And Tips

This is a presentation that I made with my group Oh Hsen and Daniel. This presentation includes how to search things on the internet faster, What matters if you search and what doesn't matter if you search. I learnt that if you make your sentence shorter and use the keywords so you can search faster.

Friday, 19 February 2016

My Name art

This is my kaleidoscope art that I have made. If you have an odd number in your name you put the middle number in the centre but if you have an even number in your name you put the space that is in the middle of your two middle letters in the centre. When you are up to coloring in you have colour in the letters of your name in a warm colour and your background in a cold colour or you can colour the letters a cold colour and have the background a hot colour.

Home Learning Task

This is the home learning task for this week. For this I worked with my buddy Daniel. The topic for this home learning was the Sydney Opera House. For each slide there were questions like what am I, where am I, who uses me, when was I built and why am I there. The last slide on this presentation is facts about the Sydney Opera House. I learnt that the Sydney Opera House was about by 10 thousand builders.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

TRUMP Poster

This my TRUMP poster I made with my thinking group. The people in my thinking group June, Jorja, Pote and Sebastian. We had to write what each letter of TRUMP means. T stands for Thinking, R stands for relating to others, U stands for understanding, M stands for Managing self and P stands for Participating. We also had to show pictures of us doing it.

Prototec Maths

This is my prototec maths I did today. I had to practise different kinds of equations. I tried out stage 6. I did addition and subtraction up to 20, 100 and 1000.  I also did my times tables and my division.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Stretching Sentences.

This is my detailed sentences. I worked with my buddy Oh Hsen. I learnt how to stretch sentences use the 5 w's. We learnt how to make a boring sentence into an interesting sentence.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Finding Out About LS2

My buddy Oh Hsen and I did a class survey on LS2. We both wanted to find who likes what types of book. We did this to find out more about LS2. I learnt that comics is the most favourite type of book in LS2.