Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 1

For this activity I had to decide which New Zealand native animal I would adopt. I decided to adopt a Kea. Kea's are parrots (a type of bird). They are known to be cheeky. Kea's are omnivores so that means that they can eat both plants and meat. Wild Kea's only exist in the South Island.
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  1. Hi AJ. Your facts about the Kea are amazing. I was shocked when I read that Wild Kea's only exist in the South Island. I also like how you have added a photo of a Kea. Nice work on the blogposts. Keep the the great consistency.

  2. Hello AJ
    I like how you said Kea's are known to be cheeky. That made me laugh! The facts about the Kea are great. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello Daniel, Kea's are really amazing animals. I didn't know that they are known to be cheeky. I like you fact that Kea's are parrots. That's amazing. You have done a great job. Keep it up.

  4. Hello AJ,
    I have just learnt from you. I just learnt that Kea's known to be cheeky. What a great role model.That's amazing to see you joining the Winter Learning Journey
    Great work.

  5. Hi AJ,
    I like the animal that you picked. What I learnt is that the Kea is like a parrot. Well Done!

  6. Hey AJ!

    I like that you have sourced your own picture of a Kea! I like that they are know for being cheeky, I think I had heard that before! I wonder what kinds of things cheeky they get up to...?