Thursday, 26 February 2015

Library Skills Term 1 Week 4

Inter-School Softball

Today I went and played inter-school softball at Dunn Kirk park.
At inter-school softball we practised our throwing and bating so we could get use to it and to make sure we knew how to play. At inter-school softball I learned how to try your best and to be proud of yourself even if I lost my match.

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Star

This is a picture of me with my star that I made. To make the star I first had to get a coloured paper with the star on it. Then I had to write my name in one side of the star. Then I had to get other people to write one word that describes me. Then I had to write some words by myself to describe me. The I had to take a photo of myself and put it and the other side of the star. Then I had to cut it out and glue on a piece of cardboard. After that I had to cut it out. Then I had to score it. After I had to fold it into a shape of a star. Then I glued it so it would stick. I did this because it was class task. On this task I learned how to score.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Maths Number Facts

Today I played a maths games with my friends Eric and Oh Hsen. To play it we had to get a set of cards from one to ten and there had to be three people in the game. Then we had to lay them on the ground. The people had to be the players and the other person had to be the judge. The judge had to say an equation that adds up to ten but he could only say a number plus something equals ten. Then the two players had to wipe the answer. The person who get the correct card and swipes it wins that card. I played this game because I wanted to get better at my basic facts. I learned that if you know your basic facts to ten really well you could know you basic facts to higher numbers.