Friday, 13 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day 16 Activity 1

For this activity I had to imagine that I am visiting on the national holiday of the country I chose ( the country I chose was Mexico). I then had to tell what would I eat, see and do on that day.

If I visited Mexico on their national holiday I think I would like to try a Mexican dish called Enchilada. I would want to go and see the parades that day. I would like to participate in the folklore dancing.


  1. Hi Aminiasi,

    This is Christina and Jennifer from Toronto, Canada. We're both in grade 8, and we'd love to visit Mexico too! We really loved reading your blog - keep up the great work! We're definitely going to tell our friends and families about you blog! I (Christina) was actually thinking of writing my own blog, and I've been really inspired by you! Whatever you do, don't stop blogging!

    We'll both be keeping up with you blog from across the world!

    ~ Jennifer And Christina

    1. Hi jen and Chris,

      This is Charlestone from Toronto, Canada too! I'm in grade 8 too! Im glad you enjoyed this post too, because i did too.


  2. Hey AJ
    Superb job on this activity. What do Mexican's do for folklore dancing? Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Hello there Aminiasi,

    I'm Von a year 7 student from S.P.X school. Those are wonderful things to do, eat and see on the Mexican national holiday.

    Fabulous work and remember to keep blogging!

  4. Hi AJ, I am glad that you are going to try out some new dishes and see how the Mexican culture works. Keep up the great blogging and commenting.


  5. Hi AJ that dance sounds really cool but could you explain some things about it? keep it up.

  6. Kia ora Aminiasi,
    I have just come back from my holiday this week and loved coming to your blog again and seeing how much work you have achieved over summer! You must be very proud of yourself:-) I have been holidaying in Bali and had Mexican for dinner twice while I was there. I really like Mexican food, my favourite is tacos. Have you eaten enchilada's?

  7. Hi AJ - Yum! Enchiladas really are delicious! I tihnk that you will love them. I also think that you will really like tacos, nachos, quesadillas and fajitas. I see from Tania's post that she loves tacos and was able to have some Mexican-style dinners in Bali. I wonder if she had tacos?

    I sometimes make tacos for my family here in New Zealand. I grew up eating tacos because Mexican food is quite popular in Canada. There are hundreds of Mexican restaurants doted all through the country. My favourite is a chain of restaurants called 'Lone Star.' They have the same name as the 'Lone Star' restaurants here in New Zealand but the food is quite different. I have to admit that I was really disappointed when I first arrived in NZ and saw a sign for 'Lone Star.' I thought that they were the same chain as I was accustomed to in Canada and got really excited for some chicken quesadillas only to find out what they don't serve quesadillas in NZ. I was so gutted!

    Oh well, I am very lucky because I can always visit a Lone Star when I go back to Canada to visit!

    I hope that you're able to try some tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas one day here in NZ. They are pretty amazing!

    Rachel :)

  8. Hi AJ,

    Congratulations on placing second in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme this past holiday. You were a blogging star! I will look forward to seeing you on Friday when I come in to Panmure Bridge school to hand out the SLJ prizes and certificates.

    See you soon!

    Rachel :)