Sunday, 8 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - 3 Rules

For this activity I had to imagine I was John Key (NZ Prime Minister/Former) and I had to make up three rules for New Zealand.
1. School lessons are all outdoors.
2. Daylights Saving all year round (more time to play outside).
3. Have three day weekends instead of two.


  1. Hi AJ,

    It's awesome to see you back blogging with us this summer. Welcome back to the journey!!

    I really like the three rules that you have come up with for this activity. As a health and PE teacher, I also believe that all of our lessons should be held in the out-of-doors. I really love being outside! For that reason, summer is my favourite season here in New Zealand because the days are so long and we're able to play outside for hours!

    In Canada, the days are quite a bit shorter and, in winter, they are really short. In fact, we often walk to school and from school in the dark as it gets dark in the middle of winter (January-February) around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. It makes for a pretty long winter season as it's really cold and quite dark...

    I was actually talking to my family on Skype the other day about the weather and about our upcoming plans. They were quite jealous that we have a number of three day week-ends in late January/early February. I am hoping to get to the beach with Aronui on our long week-ends. Do you have any special plans?

    I hope that you're able to continue blogging with us this month. It's so great to have you back and to see that you've come up with three great rules.

    Cheers, AJ!


  2. WOW AJ! You and I must be on the same page, as we have really similar ideas for rules!

    I think 3 day weekends are a great idea! I also like the idea of outdoor classrooms, but then what do we do if it is cold or raining or too windy for books?

    I am not sure you understand why we have daylight savings - as it is supposed to give us as much daylight as possible. You see, during the winter, our days get shorter because of how the earth is tilted.

    Maybe you can check out this video about daylight savings and the seasons.

    Kai kaha


  3. Hi AJ, I agree with you on those three rules. It would be great to have an extra day for added to the weekend and it would be fun for all school lessons to be outdoors (unless raining or being somewhere hot with no shade). I'm not sure about the daylight savings one since it may mess up the time but on the other hand, it would help us save electricity.

    Keep up the great work AJ!

  4. Hey AJ
    Those rules that you made up were awesome! It always feels like the weekends go too quick so having a extra day would be amazing! Well done.