Sunday, 8 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day 15 Activity 2

For this activity I had to tell what I would think if I had to finish school when I turned twelve or thirteen. I would be sad because I would like to stay at school and continue to learn different types of things.


  1. Hi AJ, I also would be sad because you are leaving the school which gave your so many friends and memories of fun times. When you have to finish school I guess in college things will be more time consuming and advanced than normal. Besides that is when detention comes if you get in trouble you have to stay in after school and not only that there will probably be more bullies.

    Keep up the great work AJ!

  2. Hi AJ and Harry,

    You have raised some really interesting points, guys. Going to school is a really important aspect of growing up and I think that you're both incredibly lucky to go to Panmure Bridge School. You have wonderful teachers who really care about you, help you learn and support your development. You also have awesome friends who are fun to hang out with and who make you laugh! It would be very hard to imagine leaving school to start working for your family at this age, wouldn't it?

    I'm really happy to see that you're both keen to continue with your schooling. There will be an adjustment period when you get to college but I am confident that you will both do very well (when you get there). The teachers will also really care about you and want you to achieve at your best. If you work hard and try your best you will avoid detention!

    I hope that you will also find that there aren't many bullies. My high school was pretty good. There were a few bullies but I was generally able to ignore them and I'm quite sure that you will, too!


  3. Hey AJ
    I would also be sad because I would like to come to school and talk to my friends. Well done.