Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Holiday Reading - Retell In 25 Words Or Less

Title: Samurai vs Ninja The day of the dreadful undead
Author: Nick Falk and Tony Flowers
Type of book: Chapter Book
Retell: When a festival goes wrong, the samurai and the ninja clash in another battle. A mistake happened. The ghosts of their ancestors are living again.


  1. Hi AJ,
    your book sound really interesting. You have really done a great job in retelling the story in 25 words.

  2. Hi AJ, I like your 25 word review of my book. I hope that you enjoy reading them.

  3. Hi Aj , I liked you 25 words or less review . I have read you're book before And really enjoy the book keep up the good work
    - Shailah