Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 7 Activity 2

For this activity I had to take a photo of myself doing something that I find relaxing. I  decided to take a photo of myself sleeping.


  1. Hi AJ.
    You do seem quite relaxed in this image. Quick question though, did you get someone to take this photo for you, or was it just an expression for the work to be done, haha. Keep up the amazing posts.

    - Jack

  2. Hi AJ. Great blogpost. Sleeping is also something that makes me feel relaxing. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello AJ
    Sleeping is also a relaxing thing for me (Second only to reading). Great work on this activity - keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hi AJ,
    I like that you picked sleeping as you relaxing activity. Great Work!

  5. Kia Ora AJ!

    I think sleeping is one of the best ways to relax! I know that if I've had a good sleep I feel much better!

    I hope you get lots of time over the next few days to relax (sleep!) and celebrate your success in doing so well with the Winter Learning Journey!

    It's been so great blogging with you and I hope you've enjoyed it too!

    Nicky :)