Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Writing Narrative

The Journey For A New Owner
On a normal day our owner took us out for a walk. We were all  having the time of my lives, until he walked pass shoe shop and saw a shoe the stood out of all of them. “ Wow, these shoes look incredible” said the owner. “ I am going to buy these shoes, the ones I have now are too old” he added on. Off we went flying away and landed next to an old dusty rubbish bin, my owner ditched us for something else. We were really heart broken. There were horrible cockroaches were crawling all over us, rats biting, and water splashing it's a disaster. “There is nothing to do and it’s so boring” said one of the shoes. Then I heard something, it was a truck coming towards me and we were horrified that I will get taken away and burn me but it wasn't a rubbish truck it was one of those trucks who collect furniture and sell it. Thrown into the truck in we were with other dirty things. “This is so disgusting” said one of the shoes. It was a long trip but we ended up at a random house. “Yay, I have got some new cool shoes for free” shouted the person. He was so excited that he got shoes for free. We finally felt better and not lonely anymore. We were so grateful for a new owner who liked us.   

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This is my writing that I made with my writing buddy CJ. Before we started writing we had to plan and use the five senses. Then we used our plan to help us write our story. I started writing first and when I finished writing one sentence I had to pass the chrome book to CJ who has his back on my back.

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