Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Prefix Word - Sub

Sub: Paragraph

The soccer players were standing in the subzero weather. The coach was listening to the subliminal messages booming around the stadium. The soccer players were so crazy that their coach had to subdue them by offering them steak and cheese pies. The substitutes emerged, which was strange as they had been submerged for so long in the subterranean entrance. The other team subjugated most of the home fans. Many of the fans came from the subway that day. All the players and coaches were looking at the subtitles on the big screen.

This is my word wall that I made for writing. I worked on this collaboratively with my group which was Pote, Silivia, Cyrus and I. We had to find words that have sub in it. Sub means below or under. Underneath my word wall is our paragraph that we all worked on. We had to include at least eight words that had sub in it. The sub words are in bold and underlined.

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