Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Te Oro

Today Te Wai, my sister and I went down to Te Oro with Whaea Odie to learn about the seven stars of Matariki. When we first got their we had a go with the virtual reality. We then went to a different room were we learnt the Maori names for north, south, east and west. We also played a game on a mat that had north, south, east and west on it. The instructor had to call out the Maori name or the english name and we had to run that place on the mat. It kept on getting harder and harder. We then went into a soft tunnel were we watched a video about sailing. We also learnt about the southern cross and the seven stars of matariki. At the end he asked us a few questions.

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  1. Hi Aj. I found this interesting because I don't know much about the Matariki. But it would be great to learn off you. You would have had so much fun and I wish I could be there