Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Special Visit

Today at at assembly we had some people from the board of trustees and the NEXT foundation. Rachel also visited. Mr Johnston, Rachel and Bill Kermode (the CEO of the NEXT foundation) got up on stage and talked about the Summer Learning Journey. Some students from PBS also got to talk including myself. We also got to watch a video staring one of our fellow students. The movie was about the Summer Learning Journey program. Here is a link to the video. 

Collaborative Christmas Challenge - Denmark

This week LS2 have been learning about Christmas traditions in different countries. My group decided to choose Denmark as our country to learn about. We created a DLO with information about how Denmark celebrate Christmas. Once we completed our DLO we created a screencastify.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Game

Today LS2 have been playing one of the google games. The point of the game is trying to get the rabbit to the carrot. You have to drag the correct arrows and put them in the tray. You also have to put the arrows in the correct order so that rabbit can get to the carrot.


This week for maths we have been working on geometry activities. I have taken a screenshot of one of the activities I have completed. For this activity there were two sheets. One with the instructions and the other one to draw. We had to follow the dots link each one up until it says stop on the instruction sheet. After we finished drawing we coloured it in.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech Reflection

Every week on Friday the year seven and eight students Panmure Bridge School would go down to Tamaki College for Tech. This year we had three rotations. For the year eights our rotations were (in order) cooking, graphics and hard materials. At cooking we learnt how to make lots of different foods like pies, quiches and chocolate truffles. Our teacher was Mrs Heka. In this rotation we learnt how to follow instructions. At graphics we learnt how to make clocks. I made a basketball clock. Our teacher was Ms Ferguson. At hard materials our teach was Mr Grundy. At that rotation we learnt how to make stained glass windows. I decided that my design was a rocket. In this rotation I learnt how to cut glass and tin it.

Hazel's Visit - Summer Learning Journey

On Friday Hazel visited Panmure Bridge School to tell us about the Summer Learning Journey program that is held during the Christmas holidays. The program contains lots of activities. It starts on the 18th of December and ends on the 26th of January. The top three bloggers from each school will be given a prize. It is great that the year eights are still allowed to participate even though they are going to college next year. The Summer Learning Journey is great for students because when they come back to school they will improve their learning.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Police Helicopter Visit

Recently we had visit from a police helicopter and a police dog with it's handler. The whole school sit on the field waiting for the helicopter to land. I was really amazed when the helicopter landed because the wind from the helicopter was so powerful grass was flying everywhere. The officers who came out of the helicopter told us about their job and what they do. After the helicopter left we had some visits from a German Shepard. The German Shepard demonstrated how it uses its nose to help police officers.